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In order to create a better business environment and promote Japan as one of the world's most business-friendly environment and tourism-oriented country, Japan is committed in many ways to improve the infrustructure and global image.  In terms of immigration control, Japan is revising the landing permission criteria, promoting the acceptance of foreign nationals and attracting foreign investment and overseas talent.

Lately, there had been an increasing number of tourists visiting Japan.  The number of foreign nationals who apply for Working visa and Study has also increased rapidly.  Accordingly to `The Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act', it is feasible to apply for the 'Highly skilled foreign professional Visa' or the `Business Manager Visa' by setting up company in Japan.

Tokyo Living provides professional services and advices to our customers, from company set up, incorporation to visa application. Since we are located in Japan, we can provide one-stop solution and support, and ensure our customers can settle in a new environment.

Our Services include:

Incorporation and 'Business Manager' Visa Application

The 'Business Manager' Visa is a visa for foreign nationals who would like to invest and start a business in Japan. It is a prerequisite to establish a company and obtain company registration before visa is approved.

This is a status of residence and has to be renewed. Applicants are eligible for the application of 'Long-Term Resident' proven that the company or the business has stable profits.

Our company provides one-stop services, including company set up, opening bank account and handling of insurance and tax-related procedures.


  1. Each applicant is required to establish a company and invest 5 Million Yen or more in the business. The 5 Million Yen investment capital includes office rent, furniture and other running costs etc.
  2. Can choose to open a shop or office (for example: set up a trading company, or English language school etc.)
    Applicant should firstly choose a location for office or shop, and sign rental agreement. Applicant has to submit rental agreement in order to proceed with company set up and registration.
  3. A business plan has to be prepared, and it is important to show and proof to the Immigration Office that the business can be truly sustainable over the long term, create a profitable growth and will be beneficial to the economy of Japan.

Period of Stay: 3 months, 4 months, 1 year, 3 years or 5 years
In general, the Period of Stay for 1st time application is 1 year.

Preparation of Business Plan

Business Plan has to be submitted during the application of `Business Manager’ Visa.

Business Plan should include:

  • Nature of the businss, objectives and business scope
  • Market analysis, sales target and marketing strategies
  • Operational and financial plan

'Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals Visa' Application

This is a point-based system introduced by the Japan Government on 7th May 2012. Applicants have to reach a minimum of 70 points, with respect to `academic background`, `professional career` and `salary` etc. In April 2017, the Government further introduced 'Japan Green card system', applicants who reach a minimum of 80 points, are eligible to apply for Permanent Resident, after 1 year stay in Japan.

The activities of the highly skilled foreign professionals are classified into three categories:

a. `Advanced academic research activities' : Engage in research or education, with private or public organization in Japan.

b. 'Advanced specialized/technical activities' : Engage in work requiring specialized knowledge or skills in the field of natural sciences or humanities, with private or public organization in Japan.

c. 'Advanced business management activities' : Engage in business operations or management 

Period of Stay: Maximum 5 years

Visa Application Services, Extension of Stay and Change in Residence Status


1. Working Visa 

Working visas are granted to those who have certain skills or knowledge. Applicants can only work in the specific field or industry with respect to the visa type.
Applicants who set up company are required to apply for `Business Manager Visa`.
Working Visa can be divided into 10 categories:
Engineer, Specialist in Humanities & International Services / Professor / Artistic Activities / Religious Activities / Journalist / Business Manager / Legal & Accounting Services / Medical Services / Researcher / Instructors
Majority of the applicants apply for `Engineer, Specialist in Humanities & International Services` Visa. The type of jobs include: Staff working in trading companies, interpreters, translators, marketing staff, language teachers, designers, engineers etc.
Period of Stay: 3 months, 1 year, 3 years or 5 years

2. Student Visa

Student Visa is eligible for those who would like to study in Japan, including university, high school, Japanese language schools and other educational institutions.
Period of Stay: Vary from 3 months to 4 years and 3 months

3. Family-related Visa 

a. Spouse or Child of Japanese National 
Any person who gets married with Japanese, or child of Japanese National are eligible for the 'Spouse or Child of Japanese National' Visa.
There are no restrictions for work, and it is possible to work in any jobs.
Period of Stay: 6 months, 1 year, 3 years or 5 years

b. Dependent (Family Stay) 
It is eligible for people who are currently staying in Japan (either study or work), and would like to bring their family along to Japan for stay. This visa applies to spouse and children only.

4.  Permanent Resident Visa 

In principal, applicants are eligible for Permanent Resident Visa provided they stay in Japan for more than 10 years.

Translation Services (English, Chinese and Japanese)

Our company provides translation of contract documents and non-contractual documents, such as marriage certificates, power of attorney and statutory declaration etc.


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