Commercial and Real Estate Registration

Commercial and Real Estate Registration

Judicial Scrivener are certified by the Ministry of Justice, and are specialists in registration procedures in Japan.

The main responsibilities of Judicial Scrivener are property registration and commercial registration.  Besides, they can also write wills and appoint successors.  They can carry out procedures for changing the ownership of properties for the heirs.

In Japan, there is an 'adult guardianship' system, in which Judicial Scrivener, as a third party, can act as 'Guandian' for adults and support those who have insufficient judgement capabilities to manage their own assets.

Our business scopes are:

Commercial Registration

- Incorporation

- Company name change

- Change of business objectives

- Change of Article of Incorporation

- Office relocation

- Change of Directors or Board Members

- Resolving or liquidating a company

Real Estate Registration

- Registration on ownership (for new property)

- Ownership change (by sale and purchase, donation, inheritance)

- Registration of mortgage