We offer leasing services for those who wish to acquire a comfortable home while staying or working in Japan (whether for short or long periods of time). We are here to support our customers for a new life in Japan!

Properties Search

Customer should provide us with their requests and priorities, including: preferred location, size, facilities and budget etc., and then, property viewing will be arranged accordingly.

Tenancy Examination

Once the property is confirmed, owner or the guarantee company will conduct tenancy examination based on income, Visa etc, and decide whether to rent to the customer or not.

Preparation of Renting Agreement

Upon approval, we will prepare renting agreement and the Property Disclosure Statement of Important Issues, and also decide on the move-in date.

On the day of signing agreement, customer should prepare seal, deposit and related documents.

After Service

Our company can assist our customers to apply gas, electricity, water, telephone and internet services.

Important notes:

  1. In general, all apartments do not provide any furniture.
  2. In Japan, in order to rent an apartment, a guarantor is necessary. Our company can help foreigners to find guarantee company for guarantee.
  3. Besides rent and agent commission fee, customer needs to pay deposit and Key money, depending on owner. It would be advisable to prepare 4-5 month rent as down payment.
    Deposit: When customer decides not to continue to rent the apartment, part of the deposit will be used for fixing the facilities (if necessary) and cleaning, and the balance will be returned to tenant accordingly.
    Key money: Key money is money showing appreciation to owner, and may account for 1-2 month rent. Key money is non-refundable.
  4. In Japan, the rental agreement is for 2 years, however, customer can terminate the contract at anytime.
  5. When customer decides not to rent the apartment, they should provide us with at least 1-month notice.

Required Items and Documents:

  • Residence Card
  • Passport
  • Student card
  • Insurance Card
  • Officially registered seal